Welcome to La Flame Blog!

We are La Flame! La Flame Blog!

SomosBastardos.com began as a radio program of two young people with a lot of passion, then it became a blog where I decided to tell the world my vision, my desire to believe and create.

Today I say goodbye with a broken heart to SomosBastardos.com, a project that believed in me more than anyone. A project that saw me work hard for myself and mine. A project that gave me more than 500,000 visits. A project that gave me a radio show in Spain.

Today SomosBastardos.com welcomes you to La Flame Blog, a space loaded with the best vibes you can find on the web. New segments, cool music, streetwear and cool recommendations.

Today I say goodbye to the bastardo, the alter ego who accompanied me for a decade and who helped me survive in this chaotic world. Goodbye, bastard. Goodbye, cowboy. Thanks for the teachings. I'm sure we will meet in another galaxy.


Atte. Ostwald Guillen