Ariana Grande says goodbye to 2020 with 'Excuse me, I love you', a new documentary for Netflix.

The rumors are true, on December 21 we will be able to enjoy the new Ariana Grande documentary for Netflix. It all started when the singer posted a photo from the 'Sweetener World Tour' and tagged the streaming platform in the post.


"Releasing this as a love letter to u all, in celebration of all that we’ve shared over the past few years. i know this project only captures some of one tour (out of all the other hundreds of shows and moments we have shared over the past six or seven years… jesus lol) but i just wanted to thank u all for showing me more in this lifetime already than i ever dreamed of. making music and doing all of this has been all i’ve known or fully given myself to consistently for a very long time now. although my heart is looking forward to a change of pace, i wanted to express again just how eternally thankful i am.", wrote the singer to her fans.

We will be very attentive to the release date to leave you a review here. And you, what songs do you want to hear? Which is your favorite?


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