The perfect Father's Day gift is at The Mainly Shave.

I have always seen my dad as a superhero, the first memories I have with him is to see him shaving his beard. I remember it was my favorite moment, sitting in the bathroom to see how he did magic with the foam, he looked like Santa Claus with his white beard and as he shaved slowly, part by part, I appreciated it as art. I was just thinking: I want to be like him! When I asked him to teach me how to shave, he told me that I was very young, that I was not old enough to use the shaver but I was old enough to play with a little foam. I remember that my face was filled with foam and he with his finger pretended that he was shaving me, he always told me not to play with the razor, it was dangerous and could cut me. How was he not afraid of the razor? It could hurt him. Simple, my father is a real superhero.

For this reason and because it's special to my dad, this year I will give him, The All in One Kit from The Manly Shave. Included: brand new V2 Model (available in black or silver), a shaving kit holder, 15 blades, a shaving bowl, a brush and a blade disposal case. Everything you can see in this image:

I have to admit that for work, I forgot to buy the gift on time. So I went into The Mainly Shave, used the discount code FATHERSDAY10 and saved 10% on my purchase. If you haven't yet bought your gift, you have to enter here and make your father feel special in his day. 

(Premium materials, perfectly weighted. Comes with 1 months free blades). Buy here.

(Luxurious Black Set. Included: Original Adjustable Razor, 15 Blades, Blade Disposal Kit, Razor Holder). Buy here.

(Pure Badger Hair Shaving Brush. Perfect for applying your shaving foam. Luxurious old school shaving. Treat yourself). Buy here.

Your dad deserves the best, The Manly Shave will provide him an amazing shaving experience with comfort and relaxation.

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