Man Crush Monday: Interesting facts about Michele Morrone.

1. Michele Morrone was born on October 3, 1990 in Melegnano, Italy. His father, who was a construction worker, died when he was twelve years old. He has three older sisters and a brother who is a photographer.

2. He started his acting career in 2013, when he got his first role in the Italian movie '2 + 2 = 5'. Directed by Riccardo Recchia and Loreto Crisci.

3. Michele Morrone married a Lebanese fashion designer, Rouba Saadeh, with whom she had two children, Marcud Morrone and Brado Morrone.

4. In 2016, he participated in the Italian edition of Dancing with the Stars (Ballando con le stelle). Then he performed with Ekaterina Vaganova.

5. After divorcing Rouba Saadeh in 2018, he left acting for almost a year and found a job as a gardener in a small Italian town.

6. His most famous role is Massimo Torricelli in the Polish erotic film '365 DNI' based on the Blanka Lipi艅ska novel.

7. Then he started recording his songs, the most famous so far is 'Feel It'. It's part of the soundtrack of the movie '365 DNI'.

8. He recorded his debut album 'Dark Room', which also included the song 'Hard for Me', which came in sixth place on the television charts.

9. In the past, there have also been rumors in Italy that Michele Morrone was in a relationship with Barbara d'Urso.

10. He currently has more than three million followers, you can follow him here.

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