Mac Miller's most inspiring quotes.

by - jueves, septiembre 05, 2019

We soon learned of the passing of the well-known rapper, singer and producer Malcolm James McCormick, best known in the art world as 'Mac Miller' we decided to pay him a well-deserved tribute with his most popular quotes, perfect for you to enjoy and share in your favorite social network: Twitter, Facebook o Instagram.

RIP Mac Miller.

"Friendship is a game where the rule is simple; watch the other players back."

"If you don’t make mistakes, you wouldn’t get far."

"No matter where life takes me, you'll find me with a smile."

"Smile for all them haters."  

"Life goes on, days get brighter."

"Sometimes I wonder who the fuck I am."

"Enjoy the best things in life, cause you ain't gonna get to live it twice."

"People change and things go wrong, but just remember life goes on."

"I thank god for blessing me with life every day."

"We fear rejection, want attention, crave affection and dream of perfection."

We are millennials, but cooler.

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