OncoBitez, a new brand of nutraceutical meal bites for cancer patients.

by - jueves, julio 25, 2019

Cancer is a disease that affects the patient and their families, we have all known a close case with this disease and we feel weighed down because we simply don't know how to help. Recently and thanks to a recent case in my family, I researched and met OncoBitez, a new brand of meal replacement that help improve the patient in the chemotherapy process. Help the patient feel better, have energy, smile and keep fighting for his life.

Nutritionally-dense, high-calorie meal replacement bites that are power-packed with super foods, healthy fats, anti-oxidants, vitamins, and a scientifically designed proprietary blend of specialty herbs and spices. Their introductory, soothing spice combines mango, coconut and dates with soothing spices in three easy to eat bites. 

OncoBitez combat lack of appetite, nausea, mouth sores, anxiety, lowered energy, taste sensitivity and more symptoms.

The nutraceutical meal bites are loaded with nutrients, a proprietary blend of spices and natural ingredients scientifically designed by an oncologist with the help of an executive chef to nourish the body and to help ease and combat the side effects of chemotherapy that make eating difficult, also for a limited time you can enjoy free shipping here.

OncoBitez are calories with a purpose.

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