Interview: Meet the cool beats of Coves.

by - lunes, junio 17, 2019

I met Covesmusic one day looking on Spotify, I loved his beats. So I decided to find him on Instagram and send him a request to interview him. My work with this blog has always been to show you talented young people, young people that inspire us with their work and that we somehow see them as an example to go for what we want. Nothing is impossible.

Surely you listen to his music for the first time here, but I'm sure that very soon he will head the lists of hits and work with incredible artists. Nothing can stop you, nobody can set limits. You just have to work hard, the rest will come. I hope you will be inspired by this interview as much as me. Tucker Mitchell, AKA Coves, is a very talented young man who deserves recognition.

1) Why the name Coves?

Growing up I would visit my grandparents house in Cape Cod during the summer and was always inspired by the beach there. I spent a lot of time as a kid alone on my skateboard riding down to the beach to look out at the ocean, listen to music and just think. I like to think the name Coves is meant to evoke that feeling of solitude that can be felt in a beautiful place, but I also want to leave interpretation to the listener.

2) Where comes the passion for music?

My passion for music is inspired by the feeling of being part of something bigger than yourself. I love the little community that I've become a part of thanks to music. My dream is to continue to grow that community of caring, creative people to something larger, be that local, national or even international. I want to make the world a better place and I think music is the first step to inspiring that positivity in people. It's all about love!

3) Who inspires you musically?

The list could go on forever but I'd say my top five influences are New Order, Falling In Reverse, A$AP Rocky, Derek Pope, and Galantis. I also love metal, mostly because the clean vocal melodies and synth layers are so dope.

4) Since childhood, you dreamed of being a musician?

Ever since I can remember! I started playing drums around the age of 5 and picked up guitar and piano from there, then at the age of 10 I started messing with garageband and at 12 I began teaching myself Ableton.

5) In this question we invite you to create a playlist for Spotify.

6) Where is born the inspiration to write 'Game Plan'?

For Game Plan I was trying to make a song that people could bump at a party, at the gym, in their car etc... I also wanted it to be "moshing friendly". I usually go for two possibilities when i'm in the studio, I either want something really profound and etherial, or I was something really energetic and hard hitting. There are of course other vibes I go for but those are the main two that I like to start out with when creating. I wanted to keep the song brief and just pack a ton of little auditory treats throughout the song. For the ending part I was inspired by Self Care by Mac Miller, I love the downtempo ending part of that beat and I wanted to sort of replicate it in my own style.

7) How do you define your sound?

I'm honestly still trying to figure that out but for the time being I like to call it progressive/EDM/trap

8) Recommend us the music of five artists that you know or deserve to be recognized.

Currtisy, TCap, Henry McIntyre, Derek Pope, and Max Rivver

9) When can we enjoy your new music?

I'm hoping on dropping a bigger project this summer, but expect singles to be dropping in the near future!

10) Where can we follow you and listen to your music?

We are millennials, but cooler.

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