Interview: Tribus Loyalty, a clothing brand that invites you to be passionate.

Passion is part of our day to day, it's what moves us as human beings. It helps us to believe, to create. It helps us to work for what we want, to love what we do. A life without passion is an empty life. One day watching Instagram I follow Tribus Loyalty, a brand that wants to inspire its clients to be passionate, to take risks, to be loyal.

We need more clothing brands like this, that inspire us with their monochromatic designs and that we can express ourselves with a minimalist hoodie. These are my favorites, those that don't need to be so extravagant to attract attention, those that have the perfect design to make you look good and work for what you want.

Your closet only needs pieces of Tribes Loyalty, your life just needs passion for what you do.

Enjoy this interview!

1. Where comes the passion for design?

The passion for design comes from the joy we get of having our art appreciated and worn by others.

2. Where is Tribus Loyalty born?

Tribus Loyalty was born in Arlington, Texas on January, 2017.

3. Why that name?

Tribus means three in Latin or tribes in Spanish, three, being the number of people that founded the company. Loyalty came from our last names "Leal" which means Loyal in Spanish, also being symbolic of loyalty to your tribe or group.

4. What inspires you as a designer?

The world around us is reflected on our designs.

5. How is the creative process?

We always take a moment to brainstorm some ideas while allowing music to influence our decisions, we then narrow it down to the best three designs. We then chose the best design.

6. In this question we invite you to create a playlist for Spotify.

7. What is your favorite piece?

Our favorite piece is the Tribus Loyalty Box T-shirt design.

8. What makes your brand different?

We're a small team and make the best out of what we have. Each design comes with a meaning that can be up to interpretation for others.

9. How do we find Tribus Loyalty on social networks?

We are available on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube and on our online store

10. Do you have any advice for young entrepreneurs?

Don't be afraid to take risks, be consistent, patient, and passionate.

We are millennials, but cooler.