Interview: Illicit Records, the new sound of hip-hop in Arizona.

by - sábado, marzo 23, 2019

I like to inspire myself by listening to good music, for this reason I always look for new artists on Spotify and I have a list of the best that I have found. In one of the first positions is Illicit Records, I discovered them thanks to 'Rhetoric', their new EP, to which I am addicted. My favorite song is 'Never Too Late' and I recommend it to all lovers of good hip-hop. I know that many people who are here are dreamers, they are beginning with their musical project and they are looking for inspiration. This interview is perfect for that, to know the creative process of these guys, the way they create songs and how they fight for their dreams in a world full of limitations. I invite you to be inspired by their songs, their story, their interview. Remember very well, remember the name of these guys and that you read them here. I'm sure they're destined for success.

1. Where does the passion for music come from?

Our passion for music has always been there. We all come from musical backgrounds, all of our parents were either musicians or had a great taste for music in all genres. With Tully (a founding member of Illicit) growing up listening to metal like Pantera to Rage Against The Machine and AM(other founding member of Illicit) growing up listening to greats like The Temptations to Gang Starr.

2. How did you come up with Illicit Records? 

We started making music in 2008 and since then we have gone through many names as MC’s and as a collective. Recently, we've begun to take our music to the next level and that’s when Illicit Records was created.We were always wildin’ as kids so from the jump, all the programs used, all the plugins, sometimes even the laptop we used was all pirated or stolen, hence the name Illicit. Tully has always been our engineer, and took it upon himself to learn the basics to recording at home through YouTube tutorials or good friends like White Mike. Over the years we've Evolved into what is know today a Illicit Records.

3. How did you start working on your new EP “Rhetoric”?

We decided to try out a local engineer and purchase some beats from a favorite producer of ours, and that’s when we made Run it Up, the single from the EP. That was were the momentum originated from, so we rolled with the vibe and shot a video for Run it Up and released it a couple months prior to Rhetoric just because we had to show the city what we were on.

4. How do you guys find ideas & inspiration for new songs?

For the most part what we write about comes from inspiration within our reality. We have always been big on conveying life as we see it, and trying to always come through on that goal each time we make a song. On the other hand, the two blood brothers of the group AM & JGREEN$ have always been true story tellers. They have given us stories about family and hardships on the street growing up and stories of gang activity they’ve witnessed at a young age.

5. Describe the creative process of recording new music?

First off we all smoke heavy, so we always hungry, and we all grew up eating Filibertos so that’s usually the move. [Shout out the homie Juan AKA TacoShopTrips whos family owns Filly B’s in Arizona.]Once we’ve got some grub we all plan to link at one of our spots, weather that be in the bedroom at Tully’s place, at our very own producers HUNDREDproof’s crib or wherever we wanna vibe for the night. Start to listen to some instrumentals, see what HUNDREDproofs been cooking up and decide what beat we like. After that we all have our heads down writing, pacing around the room smoking Backs, every now and then one of us pipes up with “Alright, this is what I got so far” and we build from there. We've never been the type to force anything when it comes to creativity.

6. What are your favorite tracks off your new “Rhetroic EP”?

We all have our favorites but with Run it Up having a video, its safe to say we all love that song.

7. Where can we listen & stream your new project?

Rheotric is available on all major platforms. You can also catch the video for “Run it Up” on YouTube

8. What are your next future projects?

We all are working on individual albums/tapes at the moment, JGREEN$ is working hard on his first collection titled “Cookies N’ Cream” other than our individual music, AM & Drew Tully plan to release Illicit Tapes Vol. 2 by the end of the fall of 2019. You can listen to Illicit Tapes Vol. 1 exclusively on our SoundCloud.

9. How can we find your Social Networks?

It’s possible to find us via search bar in your favorite streaming platform app or webpage but fuck that well drop some links for you.


We are millennials, but cooler.

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