Interview: Floyd, a clothing brand that challenges you to be different.

We all have the right to dream, to dream big. To build our brand with the style we want to show the world, what makes us unique. This is how Floyd was born, a store that I met thanks to Instagram and I fell in love with its pieces automatically. They are unique pieces, each one carries a message, nothing of what you will find in the current market, it is clothes that will make you stand out from the rest.

Talking with its founder I realized that we all have the right to go for our dreams, nobody said it will be easy, we will fall and we will get up with more enthusiasm. More creativity, more strength. That's what Floyd inspires me, to go for what I want. To look different and scream to the world that it's okay to be the way I am. We have to stop following patterns, stop comparing ourselves and dare more. I hope this interview will inspire you as much as me, it includes a playlist on Spotify that is amazing.

1. Where comes the passion for fashion?

I wanted a way to send a message in a creative way and fashion was that outlet. The rules are simple to follow, there's an interpretation with every outfit, and there are zero boundaries to what can be done. What started as a hobby and just an idea is my main hustle now.

2. When did you start to design?

I started designing about three years ago during my Junior year of high-school. I would just try my hand at simple things that I saw haute-couture doing and it gave me gas to see if I could recreate it. I really appreciated and still do the little things, like a small engraving or a tiny signature on the end.

3. When was the brand born, and what was the initial inspiration?

I started the brand two years ago but really started last year. During the first year when I 'started' I spent maybe over a thousand hours learned how to sew and create my own garments. My initial inspiration for starting was the brand 'Fuct'. It wasn't some garment that they made or message they had but really seeing how someone was able to mimic culture and put their own spin on it was enough to get me out of my seat.

4. How is your creative process? What inspires you?

I appreciate a real, organic creation. Everything I've ever made has said something about me and is brutally honest on top of that. I don't try to push something like "I wear a lot of blue so this is blue", but more of "My ego to me is like a peacock to its feathers". 

5. We invite you to create a playlist for Spotify. 

6. What inspired you to design Season 2?

Like I said it's all from who I am. I won't always pick the same themes, but this season was focused on my actions over the course of a year. I reflected about what those actions say about me and my character and poured out those thoughts into my designs.

7. What is your favorite piece of Season 2?

My favorite piece is the pink Bloody Mary. The idea and story behind that design are so long and the creation was even longer. I must have had, like, 500 different variations of that one design. Really took a different way of thinking to get to that end result and I'm happy with how it turned out.

8. What makes your brand different?

Not a whole lot really. I don't know if I'm supposed to say "well you see..." like no. I'm not starting any new trends or giving a signature look because this isn't for that. This is to tell you about who I am and for me to entertain you while doing so. 

9. Do you have any advice for young entrepreneurs?

I tell people to always just do it. You shouldn't be afraid of making your next step. Tomorrow you could step out of your house and die. That doesn't mean you don't go outside. Just take risks and the universe has a way of making sure you get what you put in.

10. How do we find Floyd on social networks? 

Instagram is everything. I talk to my followers on there and really try to get to know my audience more through that. 

We are millennials, but cooler.