Interview: T-Cap a genius rapper from Massachusetts tells all about Kudos, his new EP.

by - sábado, enero 19, 2019

I like good music, that makes me dance and inspires me. I recently discovered a rapper called T-Cap on SoundCloud, Kudos had just come out, his new EP and I loved the material. My favorite song is Prayers in collaboration with Beno, you have to listen to it. Actually you should listen to the whole EP, it's amazing. It has the quality of music made by artists like Drake, we will undoubtedly hear the name of this rapper for a very good time. Remember, first you heard it here.

For me Kudos is a short album that inspires us to work hard, to understand that nothing is perfect, nothing is free. We all have to work with sweat and tears. Kudos is an album for fighters who want to inspire themselves to believe and create.

After listening to his music on SoundCloud, I managed to contact him to ask everything about Kudos, about his passion for music and everything you want to know about a new artist. Within the interview we leave you a playlist on Spotify to enjoy good music.

New year, new talent. The success for T-Cap and his music, just begins.

Photography by Taylor Marie.

1) Where comes the passion for music? 

Music is something that came into my life being natural, all I ever grew up around old school music 24/7 with my brothers. From Tupac, 50 Cent, Biggie, these are just some influences musically I had growing up. It became a sound that I wanted in my life 24/7. 

2) Why the name T-Cap? 

The T is for my first name “Trevor” and the Cap is the beginning of my last name “Capachione” and just one day I was able to put together the name T-Cap. 

3) How is your creative process?

When working my mind is constantly thinking of new ideas just to put into the particular song, it depends on my energy and also how i'm feeling within the time being. Sometimes I am able to write quickly, and sometimes I take my time sometimes even months to even come back to certain ideas I had started on. The creative process most certainly takes you into another level of thinking for sure. 

4) What is the job of a music producer? 

You can be a producer from so many aspects of the music industry. The producer is your sound, they craft your sound into what it is, without them there's no music period. That's why specifically I work with certain people to get the sound that is truly ours and ours only. 

5) In this question, we invite you to create a playlist for Spotify. 

6) How was the work of producing your album Kudos? 

I kept things very simple in the way I approached this EP, I built my own production style from the ground up so being able to use my skills producing on my own project was amazing. Simply just night's teaching myself from YouTube videos, I was just able to find the right pieces and I couldn't be more proud with how things turned out. 

7) What inspired you to write the album Kudos?

The crazy part about everything building up to Kudos is that the idea for it came to me so quickly. I went through a rough time this year struggling to find out who I truly was and mentally took a break from making any type of music. I had seen so many wonderful artist striving and having huge success and I loved to see it but at the same time it had me thinking where will I be? The idea had suddenly came to me and all I wanted to do was write music, I decided to craft “Kudos” and here we are now. 

8) What is your favorite song on the album? Why? 

“Kudos” is one of my favorites off this EP simply just off of how it was made, I had a studio session and complete different idea going into the studio the day it happened. I ended up finding these really cool sounds to work with so i ended up producing the track in almost 30 minutes. Quickly I became addicted to the sound and had a lot to say at that very moment. That day ended up being history in the studio making such a beautiful track, one of my favorite moments making this project for sure. 

9) Recommend us the music of three artists that you know or deserve to be recognized. 

My homie Beno just recently released his new project “Deactivated” on all platforms, he is a serious problem and very authentic with his sound. 

My homie Alexander is a problem! He has a great body of work coming soon! Couldn't be any more excited for it. 

Last but not least my homie CINO out in Germany! One of the best producers I have the privilege knowing. Keep a watch for him! 

10) Where can we follow you and listen to your music? 

Twitter: @TheOfficialTCAP. Instagram: @theofficial_tcap
Facebook: T-Cap. Snapchat: trevorcap25. Also on every streaming platform! Just search “T-Cap” on YouTube, Spotify, ITunes, Apple Music, etc.

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