The Best Wireless Earbuds: Ear Bolts by SoundBubble

by - jueves, mayo 17, 2018

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Whenever I need to take a break from the world, the news, the chaos, I put on my earbuds and focus on my favorite music. I'm a fanatic that my favorite songs sound good, that bass sounds, choirs, everything is perfect. Thanks to this I have tried enough earbuds, but I had never found some as perfect as the Ear Bolts.

First, they are wireless. I can leave my phone charging and I can do what I want without having to be attached to cables. I can do exercises, cook, wash my face, dance, work, everything. I can do whatever I want because even if a work call comes in, I can receive it perfectly with my Ear Bolts. Once I forgot them in my pocket and I realized they were waterproof. They are very resistant to people who love to do exercises like me. They also come with colored caps so you can add your personality. Available in black, silver, copper and pink.

Incredible sound: Ear Bolts are the very best sounding wireless earbuds in its pricing category, thanks to its massive 10mm speaker drivers & 14mm speakers. Designed in California, Ear Bolts are the next big name in great-sounding earbuds. 

Customize: You no longer have to choose what color earbuds you should buy! Ear Bolts allow you change colors as often as you want-- simply by unscrewing the colored end cap and replacing it with a different color (additional colors included in box). Want to rock your favorite sports team colors? Change the caps to match! Heading out with a new outfit, make sure your Ear Bolts match and coordinate.

Get active: Ear Bolts can handle your most extreme activities. Its ergonomic design and additional earbud tips allow for the ultimate fit and comfort, even during long physical activities. 

Waterproof: Ear Bolts are rated IPX LEVEL 6 to withstand a spray of water up to 100 liters per minute!

Technical Specifications:

- 10 hours of music playback.

- 100 hours of standby time.

- Fully charges in 1-2 hours.

- In-line microphone and volume control for voice calls.

- Advanced Bluetooth Connectivity.

- Supports aptX Codec.

- IPX Level 6 waterproof.

- Magnetic tips let you mag-connect the ends when not in use.

- One Year Warranty & 30 Day Returns. 

Included in the box

Ear Bolts headphones, four pairs of anodized aluminum caps in different colors (black, silver, copper and pink), multiple silicone ear cups for a comfortable fit, USB to USB charging cable and sleeve Felt trip.

If you want to have an incredible experience listening to music, you have to acquire the new Ear Bolts by SoundBubble. You will not regret. Also available on Amazon


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