Playlist + Facts about Coachella

If you're like us, you can not get April because you think about Coachella, this post is for you. Here we leave facts about the festival. Did you know that in its first year it was all a failure? Learn more curious facts here. 

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1. The first year of the festival there were losses of more than $800,000.

In 1999, when the festival begins, it had losses of more than eight hundred thousand dollars. In this year the main presentations were by Beck, Tool, The Chemical Brothers, Morrissey and Rage Against the Machine.

2. ATMs are a luxury.

The ATM fees are very high, so be sure to bring the necessary cash for the three days of the festival.

3. More than ninety people arrested in a weekend.

Coachella, California is a small city. Its population is a little over forty thousand people. So the police are very attentive to the drunken millennials on the days of the festival. In 2013, more than ninety people were arrested on the three days of the festival.

4. Music for all tastes.

The festival has gradually moved away from the initial idea of offering only rock bands and has given way to genres such as pop, hip-hop and electronic music.

5. Radiohead sold out!

In 2004, Coachella sold out for the first time with Radiohead at the head of the poster. Now the tickets are sold out in just hours. If you want to go, you have to be very attentive. General admission for a weekend is from $ 375.

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